Connect to BLyss: A note of reflection from our Founder

Connect to BLyss: A note of reflection from our Founder

with Alyssa Kerbel, Founder of mini mioche

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a magical holiday season full of meaningful connection with family, friends and loved ones. 

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, however last year I decided to set some intentions for the year ahead and I’ve taken some time recently to reflect on the past year (a practice I highly recommend). In doing so, I felt proud of myself because I realized that I’ve actually stuck to most of the intentions I set.

After the past few intense (and often very challenging) pandemic years, I spent a lot of time this last year working on myself - doing what is often referred to as ‘deep inner work’. Work that definitely isn’t easy but that I’ve realized can allow for the most profound and meaningful growth, change and transformation.

Connect to BLyss

In the process of doing this work, I found myself reconnecting to my bliss - to the things that truly light me up and bring me joy, energy and excitement. I started going to in-person fitness classes again and moving my body regularly - something I recognize I absolutely need to do to feel good. I explored different studios and tried different methods (if you’re in the Toronto area, some of my new favourites include Jaybird Studio, Saor Studio, Ecstatic Dance Toronto, Misfits Method pop up classes and Othership for hot + cold therapy).

I read a lot more than I have in ages - both for pleasure, as well as for growth and learning. I loved Between Two KingdomsIt Ends With Us and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (my 15 year-old-daughter told me I had to read those last two haha). I learned so much from Michael Singer’s The Surrender Experiment and The Untethered Soul, as well as The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck. I’ve found myself going back and re-reading highlighted passages often as a reminder of the teachings from these incredible books.

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I started traveling again (gosh I missed travelling)! I spent a glorious month in Costa Rica (the longest I’ve ever been away from home). I experienced the trip of a lifetime to Bhutan with an incredible group of entrepreneurs. There were three main things that I came away from that profound experience with: 1) The extreme importance of human connection, community and a sense of belonging. 2) That something doesn’t need to be big in order to be meaningful - in fact often it’s the small, simple things that are the most significant and 3) Happiness does not come from external things, it’s something we cultivate from within.

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I did things that made me feel like a kid again. I snowboarded, rollerbladed and hung upside down 1000 feet above a rainforest. I drove an ATV, went canoeing and kayaking, water skied and learned to surf (sort of). I did the flying trapeze and aerial yoga. I danced (a lot). I made new friends and I remembered what it felt like just to have fun. And I can tell you, it felt really freaking good.

So as I look ahead to 2023, and I think about my intentions for the year ahead, I’m keeping it pretty simple:

Connect to BLyss

I would love to know what your intentions are for the year ahead. How do you want to feel? How do you want to show up? Who do you want to be? If you feel like sharing (or need some support on your own journey), feel free to hit me back here or send me a DM over at @alyssakerbel. This crazy journey called life isn’t easy but it’s a whole lot easier when we do it in community.

Sending you so much love, light and good energy for a magical year ahead.


"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." ~ Joseph Campbell