As I celebrate my bright, creative, sensitive, playful and sweet, truck loving two (2) year old boy, I reflect on the world that I want to help create for my Marvel - and for every child growing up in our beautiful yet complex global community. I want my boy to grow up in a world where it is COOL TO BE KIND, a world where inclusivity isn’t something that we are all working toward but just IS, a world where we can all dance through life to the beat of our own drum, a world where every child feels that they are enough as they are, a world where children don’t need to resort to physical or verbal abuse to ensure their own safety and self confidence - for the bully is (almost) always the victim - a world where we have compassion for everyone who walks through our lives, because we all have a story and we all deserve love.

This February 22nd - join me in celebrating my kind and compassionate boy, along with every other human being who deserves to be met with the same. Join me in a commitment to never bullying anyone into silence. Join me in a commitment to helping everyone that walks through your life find their voice and sing out loud. Join me in a commitment to yourself to always be just that - for there is no one better and there is nothing more freeing.

Let us all be the example for our children and our children’s children and let us all have compassion for those who require a second chance to practice kindness - for we are all imperfect and learning to forgive is a superpower too.

To Jack Marvel, the most loved boy in the world - you look perfect in your Pink Shirt and I am proud of how you show up in this world. Never stop being the one and only you and thank you for reminding me how liberating it is to show up in this world as myself.

In support of Pink Shirt Day (anti-bullying), my team of kind humans at mini mioche created this limited edition tee. A portion of proceeds from every tee sold goes to Kids Help Phone - ensuring that our children have a safe place to go if someone has caused them physical or emotional pain. In addition, with every purchase of a KHC x Kids Help Phone Tee, you'll receive a set of our limited edition 💛 ‘kind heart' 💛 tattoos - one for your child to wear and one for your child to share as a random act of kindness. THANK YOU for joining Jack and I in a movement toward a kinder, safer, more compassionate world.

Lauren Albert is a Kindness Catalyst and Community Builder at mini mioche. She is also the proud Mom of Jack Marvel and the Principal + Executive Optimist at Impact Giving.

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