In celebration of Pride

In celebration of Pride

featuring families from the mm community

There may be no parade or big parties this year but that by no means makes Pride any less meaningful. Pride is a time to honour and amplify voices within the LGBTQ2S community while showing our love and support.

In celebration of Pride and to coincide with the recent launch of our Family Pride Collection, we asked some of the families in our mm community to share what Pride means to them and how they plan to celebrate this year.

What does Pride mean to you?

“Pride means being able to live in a community with like minded individuals; where having a different lifestyle and perspective on life is normal. It’s also about safety, security and community. We have two young children and having a sense of community and belonging is something that's really important to us." - Katie Elliott 

"Pride means to celebrate Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Trans and to protect and defend them too." - Gavriel Petersen - age 9

“It’s about celebrating who we are and who our family is. Reminding ourselves that we are here, we are queer, and we need to keep fighting for safe spaces for our communities.” - Inessa Petersen

“Pride to us means love, unity, equity, equality, dignity, respect, and that anyone can love anyone - love is love” - Alexandra Wise

“Pride is a riot for justice and dignity for families like us. It’s a celebration. Pride is something that we learn to unlearn and relearn every year. Pride is about being proud of who you are.” - Troy Jackson

Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

“My favourite Pride memory was when I participated in my first trans march as a trans man.” - Sebastian Petersen

“The first trans march that Gavriel participated in was really special. Sebastian did a lot of work to organize and have the trans community come together. We had a little contingent of trans folk march with us.” - Inessa Petersen

“I was the Grand Marshal of Toronto Pride in 2009. We had an amazing float that embraced the whole of humanity. It was a really special memory.”  - El Farouk Khaki 

 What is magical about you?

“I think something that is magical about us is that we have always really wanted to have a family. Having the opportunity to do that is so magical and important to us." - Katie Elliott

"We are family first. We don’t make decisions as individuals. It’s about us as a foursome for absolutely everything.” - Kaylee Morse 

“I accept who I am.” - Dominic Wise, age 7

“I live a joyful life. I carry optimism no matter what the situation is. I try to keep it positive.” - Alexandra Wise

How will you and your family be celebrating Pride this year?

"This year we will come together with some of our queer friends and family and find some time outside to reflect on where we are as a trans and queer community. We are going to celebrate as much as we can." - Inessa Petersen 

"We usually come to the physical events. Last year we missed out so we did something with my work online. This year we will have to figure out how we will virtually celebrate." - Alexandra Wise

"We are keeping quiet because of the pandemic but we will be celebrating in our backyard and online. We will be enjoying time together as a family." - Troy Jackson

15% of all sales from our Family Pride Collection will be donated to The 519, Canada’s most prominent LGBTQ2S community centre and service provider. A registered Canadian charity, they are committed to the health, happiness, and full participation of LGBTQ2S communities in Toronto and beyond. They strive to make a real difference in people’s lives while working to promote inclusion, understanding, and respect.