This year, in celebration of the 111th International Women’s Day, coming up on Tuesday, March 8th, we’re joining together with the SHEEO community in support of their #IWD4ME campaign.

From Vicki Saunders, Founder of SHEEO:

International Women’s Day is the one day each year where companies and organizations reach out proactively to showcase our stories. But really, it’s a performative act for a day or a week and then we revert back to the apathetic reality that women’s stories and truth-telling about the state of gender equality are saved for “special” days like this.

It’s been a BRUTAL two years for women. UN Women Deputy Executive Director Anita Bhatia estimates the pandemic has set advances in gender equality back 25 years.

After the ravages of COVID and 111 of these days, to date, we’re flipping the script on International Women’s Day — and celebrating #IWD4Me.

What if, instead of asking women to work harder on this day (joining panels, doing extra work to showcase our accomplishments), we took time for ourselves?

We’re welcoming in a revolution of rest with the understanding that true community care begins with self-care. 

Whether you can find a full day of rest or only have 30 minutes to spare for yourself on March 8th, we invite you to join us on your own terms.

Healing our systems begins with healing ourselves.

To honour ourselves and to celebrate IWD in the best way we can think of, we’re giving our mini mioche team a paid half flex day off to rest and practice self-care in whatever way feels good for them. 

We're also inviting our community to take part in a free guided live meditation on Tuesday, March 8th at 10:30 a.m. EST, in appreciation & reverence for ourselves and for each other. Together, we will calm our minds and nervous systems, finding our own inner peace. This sacred practice will be led by our friend and Kind Human Club member Christine Russell, Co-Founder of 889 Community (@889community) in Toronto, and of Essential Sisters (@essentialsisters). Head on over to our IG profile and ensure your "live video" notifications (i.e. the little bell icon at the top) are enabled to receive a reminder when we go live. 


If you feel called to, we’d love for you to share with us how you’re honouring and celebrating yourself on March 8th. Use the hashtag #IWD4ME and tag @minimioche and @sheeo_world.

Alyssa Kerbel is a spiritual entrepreneur, dreamer, personal growth addict, dance enthusiast, Kind Human Club member and the Founder of mini mioche. Follow her over on Instagram at @AlyssaKerbel.

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