A few months ago I was in a virtual workshop with a group of entrepreneurs and at one point during the workshop, we were put into breakout rooms in small groups and were each asked to answer the following question:

What new routine or ritual over the last year has created structure and joy for you?

One of the people in my group shared that she had been feeling really low and while she considered herself to be an upbeat, optimistic, energetic person, she’d been struggling to stay motivated and positive during the pandemic (like so many of us).  She lived on her own and ran her own business.  She’d been feeling lonely and isolated and had been facing many unprecedented and scary challenges.  She reached out to a friend to ask for their advice on how she might be able to get herself out of her funk and their advice was pretty simple:

The best way to feel good is to make someone else feel good. Just do something nice to make someone else’s day better and you’ll find your day gets better too.

She shared that since that conversation, the ritual she'd started doing that created the most joy for her was simply giving out little 'kindness notes' to people.  She got little cards that had simple words of gratitude and appreciation on them and began giving them out to the friendly checkout person at the grocery store, to the barista at her local coffee shop and the upbeat Uber driver that asked how she was doing and actually listened.

And she said the response was incredible – that the simple act of giving these cards out seemed to genuinely make the person’s day better and hers too. 

Kindness Cards by Kind Human Club

It makes sense - after all thinking about another person helps you get out of your own head (and the potential pity party you might be throwing yourself), it provides a little perspective, fosters empathy and gives you something positive to focus on outside of yourself.  Joy and happiness are contagious.

This simple yet powerful idea inspired me to create our own Kind Human Club Kindness Cards.  There simple (but meaningful) cards that you or your little ones can give out that can help lift a fellow human and bring a little joy to their day (and to yours too).

Try them out and watch the magic happen.

Kindness Cards by Kind Human Club

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Alyssa Kerbel is an entrepreneur, dreamer, personal growth addict and the Founder of mini mioche.
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