"Movement brings happiness."

Jamie Kalynuik entrepreneur and Founder of Yoga Mamas, a Toronto based wellness and yoga centre — knows this better than anyone.

Pre-Pandemic, Jamie and her team at Yoga Mamas had been offering a safe place for expecting and postpartum mamas, for almost 9 years — supporting their centre members from fertility, all the way through pregnancy and beyond, with a full-service menu that touched on wellness, fitness and mental health.

“It's really a centrean oasisfor anyone who's expecting to come in and be mothered, be taken care of, be supported in a really safe and welcoming, beautiful way.”

When the Pandemic hit, Jamie was forced to make some hard, fast decisions decisions, she believes, have led her to become more connected to her business than ever before.

"I don't think I've been as intentional in my business in the last nine years as I have been in the last nine months."

Now, Yoga Mamas offers a full online, on-demand platform where mamas (and anyone else) can access their fitness & wellness classes from the comfort of their own homes, on their own schedule.

In this IGTV Live with Alyssa, Jamie chats openly about her business challenges and triumphs, her self-care routines & practices, the power of simple, everyday kindness and parenting during a pandemic & beyond.

Jamie also shares:
→ How Jamie founded and built Yoga Mamas into the complete Wellness Centre it is today.
→ How she pivoted her business at the beginning of the pandemic from an in-person centre to a virtual one.
→ Why connection, and being connected to like-minded people, is key.
→ What parenthood can teach you about resilience.
→ Why routine and rituals are sacred to her.
→ Jamie's choice to show herself compassion and how that translates into all other aspects of her life.
→ How she is intentional about implementing kindness into everyday life with her two-year-old daughter, Milena.

    Hit play now or watch over on the mini mioche Instagram page!



    We’re always looking for great books, podcasts, apps and tools to inspire and support us and we love a good recommendation.

    Jamie’s favourites include:
    BOOKThe Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies — a guide to becoming a more mindful, attentive, and easygoing parent. Jamie says this book really changed her perspective on parenting.
    APPCalm One of the most popular and highest rated meditation apps, Jamie swears by their Sleep Stories (in particular, ‘The Lavender Valley’ - her absolute favourite). They also offer child-friendly meditations and sleep stories.
    APP: HabitShare a social habit tracker that allows you to track your daily habits (with the added feature of connecting with friends). Jamie says she likes it because it helps keep her accountable and also helps her to recognize what’s an ‘aspirational habit’ versus a ‘real life habit’.

    As we well know, staying active is a vital part of maintaining both our mental and physical health, especially now and to help keep you moving, Jamie and Yoga Mamas are offering the KHC community one free month of unlimited on-demand fitness classes (for all levels)! 
    yogamamasondemand.com and use the promo code MINIMIOCHE to redeem.
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