"We create what we need."

Lisa Mattam — Founder and owner of Sahajan Skincare, a wellness brand based in the science of Ayurveda  — lives this sentiment daily.

Leaving a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry behind, Lisa set out to create a company that aligned with her own personal values and beliefs.

"There's a life I strive to live and starting this business pushed me in the right direction."

Sahajan Skincare

Intention, mindfulness, purpose — this is what Sahajan Skincare, the science of Ayurveda and Lisa are all about. These important pillars in her life were created and nurtured throughout her childhood and have stayed with her to this day.

Lisa truly believes in the power of mantras and a favourite, taught to her by her father as a child, that she still repeats is: "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better."

Lisa Mattam and her family

Another lesson passed down through her father was around the importance of purpose. Lisa is a huge proponent of being intentional and purposeful — particularly when it comes to planning. For her, planning is a way to ground herself in her day-to-day and avoid overwhelm. 

"I always plan out the week ahead and the first thing I write down are my children’s names, and what they need most from me. They are my front and centre."

Lisa Mattam and her family

In this IGTV Live with Alyssa, Lisa chats openly about her business and the importance of being intentional. She also shares the wellness routines & practices she’s held on to from her childhood, the power of simple, easy-to-use mantras, and the importance of role modeling for your children.

Lisa also shares:
→ The why behind her business, Sahajan Skincare.
→ The science of Ayurveda.
→ How her own up-bringing influences her parenting style.
→ The daily rituals and habits that help her feel good.
→ Why clarity of purpose and planning are so important to her.
→ The power of simple mantras.
→ How she’s teaching her children resilience by example.
→ Why small acts of kindness lead to a life of fulfilment. 

Hit play now or watch over on the mini mioche Instagram page!



We’re always looking for great books, podcasts, apps and tools to inspire and support us and we love a good recommendation.

Lisa’s favourites include:
BOOK: Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry — Published in 1991, is set in 1971 Bombay, the year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh, and follows the story of Gustad Noble.
PODCAST: You’re Wrong About by Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall — Mike and Sarah, journalists, re-examine people and events of the past that have been miscast in the public eye.
TV SHOW: Jane the Virgin — Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, Jane Villanueva's (Gina Rodriguez) life turns upside down after she gets accidentally artificially inseminated.

To learn more about Sahajan Skincare and Lisa’s story, visit their site or check out their Instagram.
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