mini mioche x Carbon Neutral Club

mini mioche x Carbon Neutral Club

with Kind Human Club

At mini mioche, kind to people + kind to the planet is kind of our m.o. We’re not perfect but we try our best to be mindful and are always looking for ways to improve. We are on a mission to create better basics for a better planet and we know first hand that how you do things matters just as much as what you choose to do. 

Last year, we joined forces with the Carbon Neutral Club (CNC) - a Toronto-based start-up that helps individuals (and companies!) offset their carbon footprint and shop better with year-round savings at sustainable brands - to offer CNC members a discount when they shop with mini mioche. When an individual or brand becomes a member of the CNC, their fees help to fund science-backed and verified Gold Standard or VCS offset projects that are third-party audited for their climate impact. We love that the CNC is helping to make sustainable brands more accessible (so people can choose them more often) and carbon reduction easy by sourcing certified, high-impact offset projects.

This Earth Month we’ve decided to take our partnership one step further to become a Certified Carbon Neutral Workforce. This means we estimate and pay to offset the collective carbon footprint of our mini mioche employees and offer them free CNC memberships to help them shop more sustainably - think discounts at amazing like-minded brands we love like Kotn, Fable, Province Apothecary, etc.

"Since I first heard about the CNC, I thought it was a really interesting concept. Being environmentally conscious is personally important to me but I often find it challenging to know how to do better and to keep this top of mind on a daily basis. I love the idea of making carbon reduction easy and tangible for people, while incentivizing them in a positive way to shop more sustainably. I also love being in good company with other like-minded brands to increase accessibility for people who are interested in supporting local and sustainable. It’s amazing to see this team of young entrepreneurs on a mission to do something really good for the planet and we’re all for that at mini mioche.” - Alyssa Kerbel, Founder of mini mioche

During the onboarding process of becoming a Certified Carbon Neutral Workforce, we learned some new facts about climate change and thought our community might be interested as well. So we asked our friends over at the CNC to provide us with a brief climate change 101 summary and here’s what they had to say: 

• 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses are produced by humans annually. In order to solve the climate crisis, we need to get that number to 0.
• At a high-level, there are two ways that we can solve climate change - reducing carbon sources, and supporting carbon sinks.
• “Reducing sources” means preventing greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere and includes actions such as funding renewable energy solutions and reducing our dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy.
• “Supporting Sinks” means promoting initiatives and technologies that pull greenhouse gasses (GHGs) out of the atmosphere and includes actions such as conserving and planting forests.
• Your individual carbon footprint primarily consists of your diet, how you travel (local transportation + flights), the size of your home and where it gets its electricity from, and how much stuff you buy.
• Importantly, HOW we buy things has a major impact on our carbon footprint... so buying better (not more) from CNC affiliated brands can actually reduce your carbon footprint. 
• Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step towards taking your personal climate journey.
• The CNC helps you do just that in less than 3 minutes, and then offsets your carbon footprint by supporting science-backed, third-party audited, and verified projects that both reduce carbon sources and support carbon sinks... all for the cost of a burrito per month ($10-$20).