When Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood met, they were both mothers of young children with a passion for personal development. They had a hunch other parents might share their interests and a heart-led business was born. 

Kind Human Club: How did the two of you meet? 

Lindy Sood: We met through mutual friends not too long ago. It's funny, we actually went to the same university, and knew a lot of the same people, hung out at the same places, were at the same parties. We knew of each other for years, but didn't actually meet until 2015. When we did finally meet, we were fast friends, and almost immediately started talking about building a business together. 

K.H.C: What made you decide to launch Love Powered Co.? 

L.S.: Anna and I have both been on personal development journeys for years. Separately, but simultaneously, we've been practicing affirmations and realizing incredible transformative benefits from speaking words of light, love, and inspiration to ourselves. One day our discussion went to parenthood, and what we want for our children - now and in the future. We discussed how incredible it would be to introduce our kids to an approachable, digestible affirmation practice at a young age, providing them with foundational tools in their self-love toolkit, helping them to navigate all of the ups and downs, highs and lows, ebbs and flows of this beautiful chaos called life. At the time, when we looked for what was available in terms of personal development tools for kids, moms and families, we couldn't find what we were searching for. And so we thought, if this was something we were craving, there had to be other mothers out there feeling the same way. We viewed this as a hole in the marketplace, and it was one we knew we could fill. This creative nudge and intuitive spark led us to the beginning of our Love Powered Co. business journey. 

Love Powered Co.'s Littles Box Set.

: When did you launch? 

L.S.: Our first product, Love Powered Littles: I AM Affirmations For Kids, was launched via Kickstarter, in August 2017! 

K.H.C.: Can you explain how affirmations work? 

L.S.: Positive affirmations are statements that are spoken, and often repeated, to inspire the individual who is speaking them. Our internal dialogue is a constant stream, and the way that we think about, and speak to ourselves, whether out loud or in our minds, truly shapes our reality.

Affirmations serve as a reminder to ourselves of the power we have within us, and of the qualities that make us so special. 

Our subconscious minds are always listening, and affirming that our beliefs are true. So when we speak words of inspiration, motivation, and positivity to and about ourselves, we begin to believe it, giving us more confidence, and leading us to more peace, joy, and abundance in our lives. 

In simple terms, affirmations - whether positive or negative - we get to choose -  become a big part of our belief system over time, shaping how we see ourselves, how we view others, and the greater world around us.

You can think of guided affirmations - such as our Love Powered Co. Affirmation Cards - as a self-love tool, helping to guide and lead you on your affirmation journey. 

K.H.C.: How can people use your beautiful affirmation cards? 

L.S.: Anna and I have our rituals - we fan out the cards daily, we choose one at random, and we focus on that chosen 'Power' for the moment or for the day, answering the questions at the bottom of the card. We also put these cards everywhere as little gentle reminders - bathroom mirrors, beside our beds, we use them as bookmarks, you name it. 

These are our rituals, but we encourage our customers to do what works for them. It's been amazing to see how people incorporate their Love Powered affirmations into their daily routines. One thing is for sure, consistency is key. And self-forgiveness. If you fall off of your practice, be gentle with yourself, and pick it up again when you are ready.

K.H.C.: Do you use them with your kids? 

Anna Lozano: We use the cards everyday! My 2.5 and 4.5 year old girls pull a card before bed or before our kids yoga practice. It's been so beautiful to witness them use their I AM affirmations in the real world. For example, Maya was practicing rock climbing and I caught her repeating, "I am brave, I can do hard things." Truly magical. I love to pull a card right before I start my working session, it brings me into the present moment and reminds me of my superpower for that day. 

Love Powered Co.'s Femme Box Set.

: How did you decide which qualities to focus on in each card?  

L.S.: The creation process is so much fun! When I was writing the initial cards, and designing the way they would look and feel, I started researching things like 'qualities of the world's most emotionally intelligent leaders' and such. And what I started to realize was, these are the qualities deep within us all. These 'powers' are the powers we all have within us. At times we just need a little reminder. 

K.H.C.: Is there an ideal time of day to use affirmations? 

A.L.: Affirmations are a beautiful addition to a mindfulness practice, and are effective whenever you choose to practice them! Maybe it’s the first thing you do when you wake up, maybe the last thing you do before bed, or maybe you choose a part of the day when you're dealing with a specific situation. Whatever you choose, it's perfect!  

K.H.C.: Do you have any rituals for creating a "good day" with your kids? 

A.L.: Absolutely! We live and breathe rituals in our house. We make sure to start our day with a healthy breakfast and vitamins and a mindfulness activity. This can be choosing our affirmation of the day, coloring in the Love Powered affirmation coloring book, choosing a crystal for the day and looking up the meaning, taking 3 deep breaths and exhaling anything that doesn't serve us, or simply stating one thing we are grateful for. I also love to reset after lunch by doing a kids yoga session before we get into any afternoon activities. 

K.H.C.: How are you managing during this crazy pandemic time? 

A.L.: It's been tough, but at the same time, it's been life changing. We decided to sell everything we own and head west with whatever stuff fit into our car. The pandemic reminded us that life can change in an instant and there is no better time than now to live the life of our dreams. And totally helps to have an online business! 

K.H.C.: What's something you've learned as a mother that you wish new moms knew? 

A.L.: Motherhood is a deep and spiritual personal growth journey. We aren't here to fix our kids, but our kids are here to remind us of the internal work that we still have to do, so that we can be the best parents.  

K.H.C.: What's next for Love Powered Co.? 

L.S.: We are so thrilled to be working on our heart-led business, and that opportunities for growth continue to open themselves up for us. We see ourselves continuing to create and launch a magnitude of self-love, mindfulness, and personal development products. And, we see a future where Love Powered is a household name, and our creations are mindful gifts of choice for people all over the world. 


Love Powered Co.’s mission is create products that encourage positive self-talk, confidence, self-love and self-worth.


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