A note from Alyssa: The Kind Human Club Collection

A note from Alyssa: The Kind Human Club Collection

with Alyssa Kerbel, Founder of mini mioche

I originally launched Kind Human Club as a club for anyone on a mission to make the world a kinder place.  I wanted to promote a message about the power of kindness and to create a movement around kindness. However what I’ve come to realize, is that that ultimately needs to start with all of us being kinder to ourselves. It’s about flipping the negative script in our own minds.  It’s about self-kindness, self-compassion and changing the way we feel about ourselves, which starts from a very young age and recognizing that the only way that we heal is by changing the dialogue in our own minds. That’s our own rhetoric, which comes from a lot of places, but it’s the one thing we actually do have control over – what we tell ourselves, how we treat ourselves and the kindness that we show ourselves. And I just feel like it’s so sad, knowing that so many of us are beating ourselves up, are not loving to ourselves, are not appreciating ourselves for the amazing humans that we are.

Every single person at their core and essence is pure love and light. What I want most is for people to be able to re-connect with that love and light – to be able to see themselves for who they really are – an amazing, beautiful, kind human.

So when you wear a piece of Kind Human Club clothing, it’s a way of reminding yourself to just be a little kinder to yourself. I feel like that’s a club that we should all want to belong to – the kinder to ourselves club

About KHC x Project Halo

I met Alana (Kayfetz) years ago when she invited me to attend one of her first MomsTO events.

From the first time I met her, I could tell that she was a force. She founded  and built a community for new moms formerly called MomsTO and now called MomHalo, because she was a new mom herself, on maternity leave, and was struggling a bit (as many new moms do) and didn’t really know any other moms.  She felt pretty alone and isolated and just wanted to be around other people who got it. She wanted to feel connected, to have a community and to help others feel less alone.  The Mom Halo is all about supporting each other, having fun, being kind to ourselves no matter what we're going through, without judgment.  They help moms combat isolation and they're revolutionizing the way women spend their motherhood by giving them permission to pick themselves and feel good about it (something I can definitely get behind)!

16 months ago, just after Covid hit, Alana had her third baby, a cutie named Henry, who was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and since then, she's been through hell – in and out of SickKids for long periods of time, often alone, without her husband Matt, because they would only let one parent in at a time because of Covid. 

Back in December of last year, Alana messaged me and asked if I'd ever had to spend a period of time at SickKids (I haven't, fortunately).  And she said to me: I want to build some sort of space for parents here.

I don't have to have gone through that experience personally to appreciate how awful it would be, as a parent, waiting to get that news or waiting for your child to come out of surgery - the worst thing any parent can go through and not really having anywhere to go that feels good and safe and where you can feel just a little less alone.

Alana officially launched Project Halo earlier this year and with her Mom Halo team, they’re on a mission to raise $1M to create dedicated spaces at SickKids for parents and caregivers.

Alana is someone who cheers on, supports and gives to others endlessly. She’s also one of the kindest humans I know. So I wanted to support her and help make her vision happen. We launched our Kind Human Club collection, for the whole family, with 50% of all proceeds going to Project Halo in support of SickKids. I believe that together, we can make this happen.

About Resilient As a Mother

In support of our Kind Human Club for Project Halo fundraising initiative we’re launching a campaign on social media called Resilient As a Mother. The idea behind it is that we want the mothers in our community and beyond to take a moment to honour and celebrate their own strength alongside the the resilient mamas that inspire them to be strong. It's about spreading the power of kindness to support one another and lift each other up. Because we’ve all had to be so freaking resilient – juggling it all – businesses, work, virtual schooling, kids, health – all of it.  Every single one of us has had to tap into that next level strength we didn't even know we had and so it’s about honouring that and supporting each other when we’re not ok and celebrating the fact that we’re all incredible, strong humans.  We’re resilient as a mother.  

Alyssa and Alana share more about the meaning behind the #ResilientAsAMother campaign below.

#ResilientAsAMother from mini mioche on Vimeo.

To help us get the word out, we’re asking you to share a photo of you with your family, kids, or whatever brings you strength and joy on Instagram, using the hashtag #ResilientAsAMother, to honour yourself and how you’ve been resilient this past year. Spread the love and encourage other inspiring mamas you know to do the same. This is about taking a moment to be kinder to ourselves, to love ourselves and to celebrate our own strength and ability to continually show up even when it’s hard.

Spread the love. Join the Kind Human Club ❤️

With love + admiration,
One Resilient Mother