About KHC

About KHC

I launched mini mioche over a decade ago when my first daughter was just a baby.  Over the years, I’ve often contemplated creating a blog for mm but I never did because I wasn’t sure what I would want to share that would feel meaningful to me and helpful to others and I don’t like doing things for the sake of doing things (especially things that require quite a lot of time and energy).

Then 2018 and 2019 came along – two incredibly difficult years for me both personally and professionally (hands-down the most difficult period of my life).  I found myself perpetually overwhelmed, stressed and suffering from severe anxiety and while I’d experienced all of these emotions to some degree before (I don’t know any entrepreneur who hasn’t), this was different – it was debilitating.

During that time, a good friend told me about a meditation course that they had recently taken at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies.  They said that one of the biggest benefits they had noticed almost immediately was that they were sleeping much better.  Having suffered from fairly chronic insomnia for years, I was like sign me up! (I was pretty much willing to try anything that might help me sleep).

While I had dabbled in meditation here and there, I had never developed a consistent practice and in retrospect, I realize I had never fully understood what meditation actually was (and what it wasn’t), as well as its immense potential benefits to my health, mindset and overall well-being.  Like many people, I felt like I ‘should’ meditate and typically suffered through the odd 10 minute practice just to be able to say I had done it.

I completed an 8 week MBSR course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) a couple of years ago now.  Through that course and others I’ve taken since, such as the Ziva online meditation course, along with reading books like 10% Happier and doing the mini courses on their app, I feel I have learned quite a lot about the practices of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and gratitude and have come to better understand how these simple daily habits can have a profound impact on my own health, mindset, and overall happiness, as well as on everyone around me (my family, my friends and my team).

I've always been passionate about personal growth and development.  I love learning from others about the habits, practices and rituals we can do that can have a huge impact on how we feel and how we show up in the world.  I think at the end of the day, we all just want to feel at ease, to feel joyful – to feel good in our daily lives.  I know that when I feel good, everything around me works so much better.

I also realized that the practices I was learning in my 40’s, that were helping me immensely, were simple practices that could be learned at any age.  They were practices that I wish I had learned as a child and ones that I wanted to teach and instill in my own children.

My mission with Kind Human Club is to create a platform and community for like-minded people to share information, ideas and resources, to inspire and help one another to be our best selves and to support each other in raising the next generation of kind, happy, mindful humans.

In loving kindness,

Founder, mini mioche

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