mini mioche Founder Alyssa Kerbel

I started mini mioche as a side hustle over a decade ago because I wanted to create what I couldn’t find for my newborn daughter at the time: soft, comfy, timeless basics in simple styles and gender-neutral colours.

From the outset, I made the decision that if I was going to do this, I would try to do it in a way that aligned with my own personal values. That meant making everything in a transparent and ethical way and with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Fast forward 14 years and it feels like a lot has changed and yet not much has changed. The company and community have grown a lot and I am grateful every day for the incredible support we’ve had. True to the original vision, we still make the same super soft, gender-neutral, timeless basics locally, ethically and sustainably and in fact, 8 of the 9 styles we initially launched a decade ago are still part of our collection and are amongst our top 20 best sellers.

As my own children are growing up, I’ve found myself thinking a great deal about what matters most to me both as an entrepreneur and as a parent. For me, what matters most as a parent is my kids’ well-being and their future. As an entrepreneur, it’s that I’m building a company with integrity and that I’m having a positive impact - on both people and the planet.

We have always run every aspect of mini mioche in a very mindful way and I am so proud of what we’ve created and how we’ve done it. I also recognize that every decision we collectively make today has an impact on the planet our next generation will inherit.

Together with my team, we’re on a mission to create a better future for our kids one elevated basic at a time. I am grateful to be on this journey, to have the opportunity to continually learn and grow and to have so many supportive people on the ride with me.

Yours truly,
Alyssa Kerbel
Founder + President
mini mioche