Shoe Sizing

What size shoe does my child wear?

Finding the correct shoe size for your child can be a challenge. Here is a guide to help you navigate the wonderful world of kids footwear.


Crib Shoes: These shoes are meant for babies from birth to approximately one year of age. Crib shoes start at size 0 and can go up to size 4. These shoes generally have a soft or a split sole since the baby is not yet walking.

Hard Sole / Walking Shoes: Around the age of 1, babies begin to walk and will need a slightly harder soled shoe to assist in their stability and balance. These shoes can start as small as size 3 and go up to size 13 (depending on the brand).

Junior Shoes: After size 13, junior sizes are introduced starting at junior 1. These sizes are often referred to as J1, J2, J3 etc. At mini mioche we go only as high as J3 (in select styles and brands). An approximate age range that a child would be wearing junior sizes would be from 7 - 10 years.


Every child's foot is very different and brand sizes can vary greatly which is why it is important to measure your child's foot before purchasing a new shoe. First, measure your child's foot from the big toe to the heel. A simple measuring tip is to trace the foot on a piece of paper and measure from the middle of the heel to the top of the big toe. Make sure to measure both feet (sometimes one is larger than the other) and use the larger measurement to determine shoe size.

Once you have the measurement of your child's foot you can then determine the correct shoe size based on the brand's measurements. Always consider room for growth when choosing the shoe size to ensure you get most wear out of each pair of shoes.

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