We Stand Together

We Stand Together

To our mm community

The values we have always stood for as a company are kindness, respect, inclusion and compassion.

We believe that change starts in the home – it starts with each of us as parents. It comes from the values we uphold and teach, the behaviours we model, the words we use, and the environment we create for our little humans.

We believe that every person has a responsibility to look within, to learn and gain awareness about the biases we each have, that may, unknowingly or not, contribute to the systemic racism that continues to plague our society.

We are committed to taking meaningful action – not just in this moment but for the longer-term.

These are the first steps we are taking immediately as a company:

- Helping our community educate their children about anti-racism and diversity  by providing a list of parenting resources, which can be accessed below.

- Having conversations with our employees to determine together what actions we can take now and in the future to foster an inclusive and diverse environment – both within our company and our larger community.

- Supporting Black Youth HelplineBlack Women in Motion and Black Health Alliance.

To the Black families in our community and beyond, we stand with you.  We will continue to listen and learn.

In solidarity,
The mm team

Helpful Parenting Resources

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