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"Love Powered Littles" Box Set

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Help children learn the power of positive self-talk through I AM affirmations. This box set contains affirmation cards to affirm the greatness within your littles (and you!), and additional bonus cards to support you and your children on your new affirmation journey.

These are the powers we ALL have within us, at times, we just need a little reminder!

Love Powered Littles are unlike any other affirmation cards...we go deeper.
These affirmations will guide your littles (and you!) to create positive belief systems, explore emotions and feelings, create deep and meaningful moments of connection together, and support a healthy and positive new vocabulary.

Inspire your littles to tap into the powers that exist within them. Empower them to affirm how undeniably incredible they are. Connect with your littles on the deepest level. Create magic moments that will last a lifetime. Witness their confidence grow, and their self-worth develop...and the beauty here, is that you benefit from this practice too!

This product is luscious, soft, cleanable and durable. As beautiful as it is meaningful, every element was crafted with loving intention, and with you and your littles in mind.

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