Reusing a garment reduces its carbon impact by 82%. Crazy, right?

mini mioche was born, 15 years ago, to bring ethical, organic, beautiful basics to families around the world. 140,000+ orders later, our team couldn’t be more proud of the legacy we’ve built.

So when we had the opportunity to take this business into its next stage of life, the most important thing for us was to honour the history of the brand and bring it into the future. Our vision? To be a game-changing force for good, empowering families to create a better future for all kids. Partnering with 1% for the Planet, offering carbon offset shipping, initiating the process of becoming Climate Neutral Certified... that's just the beginning.

We know our products cost more than fast fashion alternatives - but our timeless design and our careful manufacturing process align to create endlessly hand-me-down-able kids clothes. They're not only ethically, sustainably made, they're absolutely made for resale.

And we think that's a better deal - for both your family and the planet.

how to resell your outgrowns

post it.

Create an account on the mmarketplace and your order history will automatically be imported based on your email address. Choose which items you'd like to sell, add your own images, and get those listings live.

ship it.

You'll be provided with a prepaid shipping label to send out the goods that another member of the famm is ready to relove. Pop those goodies in the mailbox and you're golden.

get paid.

Choose either a cash payment for your resale items, or get 10% extra credit when you take it back in brand dollars to shop at

how to reshop preloveds

browse it.

Tour around the mmarketplace. Shop by category and get ready for the treasure hunt. We list our own brand direct goodies - think out-of-season items, returns, and items with small flaws, always clearly indicated in our listings - and you can shop the rest of the famm's closet too.

buy it.

Shop your favourite items at resale prices - the best deals come to those who wait. When you place your order with another member of the famm, they'll be sent a shipping label to get the goods over to you, lickety-split.

verified product.

Everything sold on the mmarketplace comes from our customers or our brand directly - all purchases are verified by shopping data.

tread lightly, little ones.

tonnes of CO₂ down, tonnes to go

We intend to tread lightly on this planet we call home. We are proud, active members of 1% for the Planet and are partnering with Climate Neutral to measure, offset, and reduce our carbon emissions at our home base in Toronto, Canada, and throughout our business operations on an annual basis. We will be completely Carbon Neutral Certified no later than November 7, 2023.

Climate Neutral Certification is the global standard for companies achieving net zero carbon emissions, and we’re proud to join this family of leaders focused on doing the work needed to preserve our kids' future.

ethical. sustainable. resellable.

just the best kids clothes on the planet.

Since 2008, we've made the softest, the snuggest, the coziest, the coolest baby, toddler, and kids clothes on the planet, created ethically at factories that pay employees a living wage, with sustainable materials that don't leave our planet worse off than we found it. We believe in passing it on, and our stuff is built to be beautifully outgrown, resold, and reworn by kid after kid after kid. We make our best basics for their best future, and we're so happy you and your little minimalist are part of the famm.